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When you need help with broken sheetrock, crumbling plaster,sheetrock taping or just a superb paint job YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.   

 As a homeowner and small businessman, I know what it takes to keep things up and running. My goal is to work WITH clients to provide them the specific services to satisfy individual needs. 'FOR RESULTS NEAT AND SWEET CALL PETE!'

What PETE Offers

I am a licensed and insured  Painting and Drywall Installation Contractor with over 25 years experience painting ,repairing plaster, sheetrock walls and taping new or incompleted wall construction. Additionally I have taken continuing education cources at BOCES including disiplines such as carpentry,masonry,plumbing,electricy and welding. Therefore I know how systems work together properly. I also have experience replacing single pane glass windows, interior foundation resurfacing,driveway repair and a variety of other tasks. I offer FREE ESTIMATES and  advise and serve primarily the northeastern westchester county region of the New York metroploitan area. I am a different kind of contractor who will work with you do get the job done at an affordable price with the least disruption as possible. I have my clients best interests at heart and most former clients are now friends and neighbors.


Whether from electrical and building updates.weather events, plumbing issues, or resurfacing demands I provide Taping, plaster and skim coating services to make your buildings look thier BEST.


Pete specializes in single story structures such as Decks, Railings,Windows.Doors and other Trim. Smaller buildings,sheds and gazebos can be beautified when reasonable weather conditions exist.


When you need excellent results on ceilings,walls and trim I will be there on time and on budget. From bedrooms to stairwells, Living rooms to hallways or any other rooms that need help, I work neatly,quickly and with the least disruption as possible.

Difficult Projects

When paneling is removed from a hall you never know what to expect. Usually sheetrock corners have either metal or reinforced paper tape properly finished and painted or at least primed or with walllpaper. NOT IN THIS CASE. First I used meshed tape Then plaster and reinforced corner tape until all corners were repaired.

After several layers of Joint Compound and Plaster Repair Compound the walls were primed and later painted. If I can repair this situation you probably don't have issues that are worse! 


Pete did an excellent job.He exibited craftmanship and professionalism. Also he was on time and personable. I  highly reccommend him.

Lia Gallagher


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Address: 256 Westchester Ave  PO Box 453, Verplanck,NY 10596

Email: peter.r.spengeman@gmail.com

Phone: (914) - 882 -2166


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