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About Pete

I am a local Contractor born and raised in Northern Westchester. I provide high quality products and materials at the best prices. Therefore I can provide OUTSTANDING RESULTS and PASS THE SAVINGS on to you with LOW AFFORDABLE PRICES. I am on Google,Nextdoor.com and hvgatewaychamber.com as a proud member of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce,

Petes Painting Sheetrock and Plaster



 With over 30 years experience in painting, I can offer paints in a variety of colors and textures. I use  a variety of Quality paints and stains including Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams .Whether you are preparing a house for sale, making an apartment attractive for prospective tenents or freshining up a home or business, you can count on PETE.

From New Winsor to Harrison, Poughkeepsie to Yonkers I have helped friends and neighbors with a variety of tasks, Many friends have sucessfully sold homes ,condos and co-ops and now live in other locations. I can do the same for you!

My Clients

No matter if you are a group of retired veterans,homeowners preparing a house for sale,landlord preparing or maintaining a property or a business owner attracting new or existing customers, I am here to HELP. As a licensed and Insured contractor I can serve a wide variety of clients. I do some of the smaller and more challenging places the big contractors don't want or may overcharge you to do. When you need to do the interior of a whole house, I offer to start with one room and do more if you are satisfied. I have done several homes this way because my client ARE SATISFIED..

My Mission

Many contractors come and go because they fail to contact clients, do substandard work or just don't show up on time or at all. I am in business to SERVE clients and make a decent living in the process. That's why I will do my best to offer a reasonable price everyone can live with. If you are only in business to make money you shouldn't be in business. I believe in building not only lovely surroundings but also a strong following and legacy.

I help those who either can't permorm the work, are not able due to time issues, lack the experience to complete the job or just need more manpower to finish the work. In any event I can do as much or as little that is necessary to GET THE JOB DONE!

Why Choose Me

I am a different kind of contractor. Many of my competitors have HUGE organizations tions, many employees and large overhead expenses.Many online providers offer so called "free" reviews of professional services that are NOT really free. By eliminating the middleman I can save us money which results in LOWER PRICES.As a small business I take the time to customize my services to your individual needs. My way of doing business keeps my clients imformed of progress as things happen. I will EXPLAIN the pricing of the services and will  deliver TOP QUALITY at FAIR PRICES.My track record of satisfied clients speaks for itsself.Some of my services include:

  • Taping unfinished Sheetrock walls

  • Plaster Repair on older homes with Steel lath construction

  • Sheetrock Replacement needed due to damage or remodelling.

  • Small Carpentry repairs to prepare surfaces for finishing .

  • Wall and trim preparation for painting and staining.

  • Skim coating on walls,ceilings and foundations for painting.

Contact Us

Address: 256 Westchester Ave  PO Box 453, Verplanck,NY 10596

Email: peter.r.spengeman@gmail.com

Phone: (914) - 882 -2166


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